Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of serves three important purposes:

Patient Advocacy

Improving Clinician Quality of Care

Referral Source

2. How can practitioners remove negative ratings about themselves?

Quite simply, they can't. If ratings were being deleted and chosen selectively, it would render this site biased. This site is not intended to taint a professional's reputation: rather it is to alert a practitioner to poor practice methods. Though clinicians may feel exposed to being publicly reviewed, feedback encourages them to improve the quality of care they offer. In turn, they may encourage future patients to review them in order to counter prior negative ratings.

3. What criteria do I use to analyze my therapist?

Ratings are divided into the following 5 categories:

  1. Professionalism/ Ethicality
  2. Compassion/ Attentiveness
  3. Knowledge-base/ Effectiveness
  4. Reliability
  5. Likelihood to Refer.

The ratings page clearly defines each of these categories and raters use an analog scale from 0 to 5 in which 0 is least favorable and 5 is most favorable.

4. What's your privacy policy? Will you use my email for any other purpose?

Nope, we only use your email address to create and verify your account. We will not use the information gathered in that account creation process for any other purpose, nor will we ever sell any information on this site to any third party.

5. I'm a therapist with high ratings. How can I contact you to advertise on your site?

If you are interested in advertising your private practice on this site, please contact us via email by clicking here or by emailing